Áfangastaðurinn Austurland

Project Info

Project Manager – María Hjálmarsdóttir, Austurbrú, maria(at)austurbru.is

Project Manager – Daniel Byström, daniel(at)designnation.se, +46 (0)739 13 38 95





Project Description

Áfangastaðurinn Austurland is Icelandic for Destination East Iceland. It is a project for developing the Destination of East Iceland. Focus is on well-being of the communities and the residents, aiming to strengthen the attractiveness and competitiveness of the destination.

Destination Design is about telling a good story. In addition, we are all actors in the story. Everyone is connected to the destination. The people who live and work in the region are always a part of the real story. Our experience of the story depends on our collective actions within the society we live in. It is determined by our own identity, and our interactions with other people.

Essential for the project is collaboration across borders and intersectoral co-creation, aiming to develop East Iceland to a top class destination, and an outstanding work and living area. A well-functioning destination works as a municipal and regional storefront that attracts residents, companies and investments.

The project is characterized by a sustainable perspective; culturally, economically, socially and ecologically.