Project Info


Daniel Byström & Kristján Kristjánsson, Design Nation

Advisor & supplier Forester Magnus Edmark
Project sponsored by Philips

Daniel Byström, daniel(at)designnation.se, +46 (0)739 13 38 95



Project Description

HOLLOW illuminates society’s involvement with forests. It is a lamp made from a hollow tree, caused by wood-decay fungus. HOLLOW is an experimental design concept that makes use of unwanted wood. HOLLOW has not only a unique design, but also something important to say. It aims to explore the social and ecological approach to forests, to spread awareness, and to prompt reflection on the place of humanity in the ecosystem.

HOLLOW is an open-source design, made with craft techniques, which can be locally produced. This aspect of social sustainability connects to not only the human yearning for creativity, but to also engage communities in the creation of HOLLOW.

HOLLOW is an outcome from the initiative Designers & Forests project in Utah, USA. The forests in this region are affected by beetle kill and aspen die-off. In summer 2013, members of Designers and Forests explored and experienced the region, with the intention of finding new ways of looking at the problems of stressed forests. The project linked designers from Sweden, New York and Iceland with foresters, activists, designers, artisans, and community members in Utah.

Design Nation has contributed in facilitating workshops and leading the process, as well as creating design concepts with the aim to find new solutions, bring attention and communicate.

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