Puzzle lamp

Project Info


Design: Daniel Byström & Kristján Kristjánsson, Design Nation

Producer: Raflampar, Reykjafell


Project Description

Puzzle lamp‘s main material is recycled aluminium. There is an energy saving of 95% in the production of secondary aluminium in comparison with production of the same weight of primary metals. 39% of the European demand for aluminium is now met with secondary aluminium and the metal can be repeatedly recycled without losing it‘s qualities. So in a way premium aluminium can be described as an energy bank, for most of the original input can be recovered every time the aluminium is recycled. From another perspective the use of a light weigth metal is environment effecient in respect of transportation. However, it is not only the question of the right material but also about the right design. A good design does not end up in the junk yard after a few years of use, it is something people will come to love and cherish for years and decades to come.

The design of the Puzzle lamp is simple and smart. It has multifunctional purposes, you can easily change it from being a table lamp to a hanging lamp. It is a very simple, tool-free assembly, making it a good product for both the consumer and the manufacturer.
Puzzle lamp is compact and lightweight. It is powder coated and available in a large range of colors. The matching woven cables give an elegant look. The Puzzle lamp has an e14 light fixture so that the consumer can have a choice of different light sources. In our opinion that is vital for a decorative lamp.