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What we do

Design Nation have a long experience from all kinds of design projects; Industrial Design, Products, Furnitures, Services, Environments, Graphic Design, Identities, Brands, Packagings, Web, Design Management, Strategies for Companies, Destinations and Regions. Over the years we have learned to interact with different groups, within different contexts. We are specialaized in Community based design projects.

As designers we are practitioners of an applied process of creative skills: identifying problems, researching, analysing, evaluating, synthesizing, conceptualizing, testing and communicating solutions. Design Nation gather, and develope, methodologies that can be used in all stages of different development processes. This helps us to bring out the creative potential, visualize, clarify, enhance involvement, evaluate, build common strategies, and create innovative and concrete results. We strongly believe that the road is a part of the goal, together with the target we set up.

Who we are

Design Nation is a platform for creative collaborations, with an interdisciplinary and sustainable approach. We combine design thinking with other expertises. Together we create solutions that can have various forms and functions. We always put the stakeholders in the center, and co-design with them. Essentially the users that will experience and utilize the products, services or environments that are being developed. The outcomes are always based in shared understanding.

Design Nation is based in Sweden and Iceland, an international well renowned design nation. We have a long tradition of design thinking, and of integrating sustainability in our work and in the everyday life. We got it in us. Design is for us based in respect and responsibility for the individual human being as well as for the society we all are a part of. Swedish design focus on the individual human being, as well as the collective, functional and esthetical relations, and acts as a catalyst for innovation and competiveness. The ambition is to make a difference – to contribute to better living standards, in our part of the world and globally.


Designers & Forests on IUFRO World Congress in Salt Lake City 2014 — Designers & Forests (@BeetleKill) October 9, 2014   Designers & Forests was one of the exhibitors of the International Union of Forests Research Organizations XXIV World Congress that was held in October 2014 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The project showcased some of the outcomes from Beetle Kill and Aspen Die-Off, and among those the HOLLOW lamp. The visitors could also sign up to learn more about our next project taking place in Western New York late July 2015.

Dags för Design March 2014

Design Nation participates in Design March on Iceland. The event is going on March 27-30 in Reykjavik. Daniel Byström from Design Nation will take part in a seminar focusing on Design for Small Communities – Explore. Reflect. Respond. The seminar will be held on Friday 28 of March at Hannesarholt, Grundarstígur 10, 101 Reykjavík. Read more about it here – Also, Design Nation contributes to the exhibition of Designers & Forests. Daniel Byström is a part of the Designers & Forests team, who visited the State of Utah, USA in 2013 to explore and reflect about the issues in the region. The forests in this region are affected by beetle kill and aspen die-off. In summer 2013, members of Designers and Forests explored and experienced the region, with the intention of finding new ways of looking at the problems of stressed forests. The project linked designers from Sweden, New York, and Iceland with foresters, activists, designers, artisans, and community members in Utah. Design Nation has contributed in facilitating workshops and leading the process, as well as creating design concepts with the aim to find new solutions, bring attention and communicate. Designers & Forests is an initiative to help revitalize forests and foster healthier communities by taking a holistic view of both natural ecosystems and the design process. Forests provide many benefits and services to society. Climate influences the structure and function of forest ecosystems and plays an essential role in forest health. A changing climate may worsen many of the threats to forests, such as pest outbreaks, fires, human development, and drought. Through an interdisciplinary and creative approach, Designers &...
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As a start of Stockholm Design Week, I was invited by the Swedish Institute to welcome the international press and inform them about Swedish Design. The focus was on sustainable design, and in my presentation I showed how we integrate sustainability in our design processes. My aim was to communicate the dna of Swedish design. I also got a chance to market several good examples that was provided to me from Swedish design companies. I was representing The Swedish Association of Designers. Also participating in the press information were Ewa Kumlin from Svensk Form, Teo Enlund from Green Leap and Susanne Helgesson. The presentation was very appreciated by the attending press.


Kristján Gunnar Kristjánsson

Phone: +354 666 1120

Daniel Byström

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