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02 november 2009

Design Trend Report

A short report from some of my journeys I’ve been doing recently. That includes impressions from fairs and exhibitions in Berlin, Stockholm, Oslo and London. Take a moment and have a look at the slideshow.

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It’s obvious how the eco-trend is here to stay, and it’s very interesting to see the directions of the future development within the area. In some way the eco-friendly handicraft connected ideas are being replaced with the more high tech solutions, but still with the eco-friendly attention. Sustainable thoughts have become more naturally included to the process, nothing new when working with industrial design, but far more accepted from the market, much thanks to the importance as selling point.

It is very exciting to see the new materials that are being adapted. And the upcoming fabrics, wallpapers, nano technology – well, it’s pure science fiction. And there are far more to come! Many of the materials that the scientists have done are still waiting for field of application. But there are also the traditional stuff like bamboo, very eco-friendly and adaptable within many areas like furniture, table ware and even fabrics etc.

So… What will the future bring? Well that´s up for you and me to decide. Let´s be optimistic and innovative… and create a sustainable future for next generations.

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